A selection of my lectures

Forthcoming lecture to be given in Cologne on 25/06/2020

“The compliance balancing act: To register, evaluate, store and notify or to minimise, block and delete?”

  • NetzDG: Reporting obligation vs. protection of user data?
  • In-house investigations vs. protection of employee data?
  • Prevention of money laundering vs. protection of customer data?
  • Data protection as “the corporate sector’s StPO”?

more information

  • „Compliance zwischen den Stühlen“, JUC-Workshop, Düsseldorf, November 2019
  • „Over-ambitious „little sisters“ of a weak Big Brother? Limits for Private Investigations“, 2018 International Colloquium AIDP, Freiburg, Juni 2018
  • „How Fraud Examiners Can Prepare for the General Data Protection Act (GDPR)“, Podcast der Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
  • Diverse Vorträge im Rahmen der Herbstakademien der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik (DGRI), u.a. „Interne Ermittlungen – Criminal (Law as a) Service? Wie aus Anti-Korruption nicht Anti-Datenschutz wird“, „Die Privatwirtschaft als ‚Bundesbotnetz‘ der Strafverfolgungsvorsorge?“, etc.